Agoda Penang


Sinar Indah Cafe


  • Location:Bandar Baru Perda(Next to LHDN),Bukit Mertajam
  • Dishes:30 to 40 local dishes
  • Capacity:150 people
  • Popular:Ikan Bakar,Ikan goreng panas,ulam,sambal petai,kepah
  • Budget:around MYR4
  • Operation time:lunch(off:Sunday)
  • Serving time:self service
  • parking:provided by MPSP
  • childseat:provided
  • My good comment:Delicious.
  • Room for improvement:too many people...Like canteen for government servant because many of them have their lunch here. Sometime must wait a long time for a drink to be served. Sometime in Friday,30 people line-up to in front cashier to pay.