Agoda Penang


Mee Udang Kuala Sepetang,Mak Jah

Nak cari tempat makan best kat Taiping?

This time,lets go outside from Penang and go to Taiping.I've seen many food programs gave their highlights to Mee Udang Kuala Sepetang.So i tried.On the way to Kuala Sepetang town,you may see a lot of Mee Udang's warung and signborad.So you can choose whichever you like.Myself,I tried Mak Jah coz my friend told me that is the best.Here is some info I can share.
  • Location:Kuala Sepetang(on the way to Kuala Sepetang town,you may see a lot of Mee Udang warung and its signboard). Mudah je nak kesini.
  • Serving: Local food but specialized in Mee Udang
  • Budget:MYR11 (mee udang special)
  • Operation:daily from noon onwards
  • capacity:approx 150 people
  • parking:provided
  • Childseat:provided
  • Toilet:I couldn't find but you can use Surau's toilet nearby
  • My good comment: Deserve to be one of the best food in Perak.Full with prawns.The prawns was fresh and the skin is soft.
  • Room for improvement:I don't like the kuah.Aziz Mee Pak Ngah Sungai Dua kuah is much better.But taste is subjective.different people,different taste.I was surprised when saw cabbage,carrot & etc inside the kuah.

Nasi Ayam Kawasan Perindustrian Perai

Nak cari tempat makan best di Penang? Looking for nasi ayam in Penang?Ini adalah salah satu yang saya syorkan.
Medan selera kawasan perindustrian Perai


Good deco

You see the tyre rim?

Nasi Kandar section

The curry looks powerful

Nyam Nyam...

The famous nasi ayam arrived

ketchup and soy sauce mixed together

My son love it

Mee Kari

This is not for tourism because the stall is located in Kawasan perindustrian Perai with dust and unfriendly environment.Sometime I feel like having lunch at small stall in Jakarta's outskirt which I had few years ago.
But since the Nasi Ayam is the best I had so far in Perai area, I would like to share it with you.My chinese friend introduced this Nasi Ayam to me and I tried 3 times already.If you are working around here,may be you should try.
  • Location: 3M Serestu, far right,medan selera lorong perusahaan 3,Kaw.Perindustrian Perai
  • GPS:N 05 22.212 E 100 23.364
  • Serving:Nasi Ayam, Nasi Kandar,& variety of foods.
  • Budget: MYR3.80( Nasi Ayam)
  • Operation:everyday
  • Parking:public
  • Childseat: yes
  • Toilet: yes
  • My good comment:The best Nasi Ayam ever!
  • Room for improvement: location...

Restoran Nelayan Kuala Juru

Nak cari tempat makan best di Penang?Ini adalah salah satu yang saya syorkan.

Location:Jeti Nelayan Kuala Juru(GPS:N 05 20.388', E100 24.478')
Serving:Seafood(e.g:Siakap 3 rasa,sotong goreng tepung)
Capacity:200 people
Budget:MYR20/person(siakap goreng 3 rasa+tomyam campur+kailan ikan masin+sotong goreng tepung+telur dadar+nasi 4 pinggan)
Serving time:15min
My good comment:Good food+nice view
Room for improvement:Nothing so far

Restoran Nelayan Terapung Ujung Batu

Nak cari tempat makan best di Penang? Looking for bawal goreng in Penang?Ini adalah salah satu yang saya syorkan.

Location:TBP 4309 Balai Nelayan Ujong Batu,Bagan Dalam,Butterworth(N05 23.469' ; E100 22.481')
Serving:Ikan Bawal goreng and traditional cuisine
Capacity:200 people
Serving time:Self service
Childseat:couldn't found
My good comment:Nice food and scenery.Actually this is fisherman's port and sometimes you can see fisherman dock their sampan and carry their catch while you are eating.Parking provided.This place deserve to be one of "Penang's most famous Malay Food" title.
Room for improvementt:Big restaurant should have a lot of choices.I can give 4 star if they provide more lauk.