Agoda Penang


Hamid Restaurant,Hat Yai

Cari makanan best kat Hat Yai?
Setelah berehat seketika dlm hotel,maka kami pun keluar utk melihat persekitaran sambil mencari makanan.Tak jauh dari hotel kami,kami jumpa restoran ini.

Location : Berhadapan dengan Lee Gardens(GPS:7.006166,100.471698)
Speciality: Thai food
Budget: MYR20 above
Operation hour: morning until mid night
Serving time: 30 min(if crowded.But normally crowded.)
Capacity:100 person
Parking : not provided
Entertaintment: No
childseat:Couldn't find
toilet : provided
Credit card payment:Forgot to ask.But no VISA & Mastercard sign shows.

My good comment: This is like life saving restaurant.You will fell safe if you are first timer to Thailand.This restaurant is famous among Malaysian because almost 100% of customer is Malaysian.Most of the staff can speak malay.In this restaurant I met a group of my old school teachers and my very old friend.My school teacher told me that its normal to see old friend in this restaurant and he came here more than 10 times.Ringgit also accepted.

My bad comment:In term of food,this is not the best restaurant.Even some Thai restaurant in Malaysia are better than this.If you are imagine cheap food in Thailand,this is not the place.