Agoda Penang


Keropok Lekor Che Su,Kuantan

Cari makanan best kat Kuantan?
The best keropok lekor I ever had was from a small stall along the way from Kuala Terengganu to Marang.Understood Losong is most famous but for me Losong has low content of fish.However it is,I dont have much chance to visit Terengganu. Since then I always looking for a similar keropok Lekor from place nearby.I went to Kuantan many times and so far this small stall capture my attention.

Once you ordered, the keropok lekor will be refried.

Can enjoy the keropok lekor on site

Location:Beside Petronas Tanjung Lumpur,Kuantan
Serving:Keropok Lekor,Ikan celup tepung goreng,sotong celup tepung goreng,udangcelup goreng
Good comment: The best keropok lekor in Kuantan I found so far.Can consider high content of fish.The owner also talks nice.(Other similar and more popular stall nearby don't talk nice)
Bad comment:Hopefully for those who buys raw keropok lekor can get free sauce too.