Agoda Penang


Mee Udang Pulau Sayak

Looking for Kedah's best food ? Searching for the best Mee Udang in Kedah specifically in Sungai Petani?
Many peoples heard "Cinta Pantai merdeka" song.Ok there is a nice place neaby Pantai Merdeka and this time I would like to bring you mee udang Pulau Sayak.

nice view from restaurant

Areef playing sands while waiting

  • Location:Kg.Pulau Sayak(After LKIM),Kedah(GPS:N 05 22.212 E 100 23.364)
  • Serving:Mee Udang
  • Budget: MYR10
  • Operation:everyday
  • Parking:provided
  • Childseat:yes
  • Toilet:yes
  • My good comment:The food is good.But the most important is the relaxing environment.
  • My bad comment: Flies