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Top 10 best food& place in Penang

What is top 10 best malay halal food in Penang? Or in malay " kat mana makan melayu best halal kat Penang ni?"So here is my recommendation. List on the top doesn't mean that it is the best. Its just my quick suggestion. Please use "search this blog" to find more about the place. 

Aziz Mee Pak Ngah
Mid Gulai Kawah Batang Pisang 
Puncak Mutiara Cafe
Char koey teow Permatang Pauh
Cendol Maklom
De' Pauh Cafe
Mee Udang Butterworth
Bawal Goreng Kelapa Sawit
Mee ketam juru
Ayu Mee Udang

If you look at many famous web about Penang tourism, some of the recommendation is not a suitable for muslims to visit. Here is my quick suggestion to help the muslims.

Rumah Kelahiran P Ramlee
Padang Kota Lama
Penang famous mural
Muzium Negeri
Bukit Bendera
Botanical Garden
Little India
Masjid Kapitan Keling
Penang Road
Akuarium Pulau Pinang
Penang Butterfly Farm
Muzium Jeruk Madu Pak Ali

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