22 November 2014

Top 10 best food in Penang

What is top 10 best food in Penang? This is common question for those who will visit Penang but don't have ample of time. So here is my recommendation. List on the top doesn't mean that it is the best. Its just my quick suggestion. Please click the link below.

For detail, please click the link.

21 November 2014

Mid Gulai Kawah(Gulai Batang Pisang)

  • Location:Kampung Telok,Sungai Dua,Penang(Near Esso-Mobil) (GPS:N05 26.791 ; E100 25.329)
  • Dishes:30 to 40 local dishes
  • Capacity:60 to 80 people
  • Popular:Gulai Umbut Pisang,ulam2,petai,ikan goreng panas2
  • Budget:around MYR3+(as picture-click to enlarge)
  • Operation time:lunch(off:Friday)
  • Serving time:self service
  • parking:not provided
  • childseat:provided
  • My good comment: Deserve to be one of the best food in Penang. Until now still remember the taste..... nice penang halal food!
  • Room for improvement:Must come before 12pm to enjoy the food.After 12pm,too many people+limited place.
  • Nasi Ayam Kawasan Perindustrian Prai

    Nak cari tempat makan best di Penang? Looking for nasi ayam in Penang?Ini adalah salah satu yang saya syorkan.
    Medan selera kawasan perindustrian Perai


    Good deco

    You see the tyre rim?

    Nasi Kandar section

    The curry looks powerful

    Nyam Nyam...

    The famous nasi ayam arrived

    ketchup and soy sauce mixed together

    My son love it

    Mee Kari

    This Nasi Ayam is famous among industrial worker in Kawasan Perindustrian Prai. Some people like me came here even during weekend for this nasi ayam.
    • Location: 3M Serestu, far right,medan selera lorong perusahaan 3,Kaw.Perindustrian Perai
    • GPS:N 05 22.212 E 100 23.364
    • Serving:Nasi Ayam, Nasi Kandar,& variety of foods.
    • Budget: MYR3.80( Nasi Ayam)
    • Operation:everyday
    • Parking:public
    • Childseat: yes
    • Toilet: yes
    • My good comment:The best Nasi Ayam ever!
    • Room for improvement: location...

    Aziz Mee Pak Ngah, Sungai Dua

    Looking for best Malay/ halal mee rebus in penang? restoran ni memang terkenal/famous di seberang perai utara. Also famous for mee udang in Penang.

    View from Aziz Mee Pak Ngah...Saujana mata memandang.

    Harga Mee terbaru(2014)

    Mee Rebus

    Nasi goreng kampung yang paling sedap saya pernah makan

    Koleksi gambar lama dibawah(2009)

    • Location:Kampung Telok,Sungai Dua Butterworth,Penang(in frontMobil),bigger branch at 300m away. (GPS: N05 26.791 ;E100 25.329)
    • Serving:Mee Rebus,Purnama satay,Mee Udang,Char Koey Teow,Kuey Teow Kerang,Laksa penang,Sotong Kangkung
    • Capacity:200 people
    • Popular:Mee Rebus,Purnama satay
    • Budget: as picture
    • Operation time: 12pm~12am(except Friday)
    • Serving time:5 min(mee rebus) 3 min(sate)
    • Parking:not provided
    • childseat:provided
    • My good comment: Deserve to be one of the best food in Penang. Satey pun sama best.
    • Room for improvement: Better if have parking.
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