Agoda Penang


Char Koay Teow,Teluk Air Tawar

Every Saturday night when you across Teluk Air Tawar,you will see a lot of people parked their car beside a road and going to a " medan selera". I have a chance to stop and see what they have there on last Wednesday...

  • Outside scene

  • Inside scene

  • Location : Teluk Air Tawar, Butterworth. Exactly at Juntion near Police Station(coordinate: 5 29.22' E 100 23.015')
  • Serving : Char Koey Teow
  • Budget : MYR 4
  • capacity : 200 person
  • Parking : not available. Parking along side the road
  • toilet : no
  • childseat : not seen
  • my good comment : bigger plate.more kuah.Since its in Medan Selera, you can order other things.
  • my bad comment : mmmmm....may be less kerang

Restoran Nilam Baiduri

  • outside scene                                                                                            inside scene

  • my lunch
Seberang Perai especially around Perda is a place where there a lot of students and low income workers(me too!) stay.Where are these people going for lunch? I found this...
  • Location: Perda near Nasmir Nasi Kandar
  • Serving: about 50 varieties of lauk
  • Operation hour: lunch time
  • capacity: 80 person
  • Parking: MPSP
  • Toilet : no
  • childseat : yes
  • my good comment: the cheapest so far.2 Ikan bakar+ a bowl of sup daging+ siput sedut+ 2 vege + 1 apple juice + 1 plain water + 2 plate of rice= MYR19.Sometime it cost me MYR2.50 for a lunch with 3 dishes(kerang berempah + tempe masak merah + sayur ).This restaurant is much cheaper than canteen in my company.Even the canteen get subsidy for building,electric,gas and a lot of cooking equipment.

Ikan Bakar Din

Nak cari tempat makan best di Penang? Looking for Ikan Bakar in Penang?Ini adalah salah satu yang saya syorkan.

I came to this place many times and only this time I had opportunity to snap pictures and share with you all.This is one of Famous Penang Malay food located in Kepala Batas.Better try yourself and put your comment below.
  • front view

  • The line of a car parked in front of the restaurant

  • Varieties of ikan bakar,daging,udang,sotong and etc...

  • Varieties of ulam and sambals.

  • Lauk kampung's section...including gulai batang pisang.

  • my lunch
  • Location: Kepala Batas (Jalan Butterworth-Alor Setar) GPS:N 5 30.942' E 100 25.3053
  • Serving:Ikan bakar,ayam bakar,daging bakar,udang bakar,sotong bakar,varities of ulam & lauk kampung.
  • Operation: lunch time
  • Capacity: 300 person
  • Toilet:provided
  • childseat:no
  • parking:no
  • my good comment: Deserve to be one of the best food in Penang.I had a real kampung style lunch with a lot of varities to choose.
  • Room for improvement: little bit expensive than normal restaurant in Seberang Perai.