Agoda Penang


Mee Udang Selera Sri Tambang

Nak cari tempat makan best di Penang? Looking for the best mee udang in Penang? Ini adalah salah satu yang saya syorkan.

This is the close competitor for Restaurant Aur Gading Sg.Dua.I came to this place many times for mee udang but this time I want to try their Mee Ketam.

The main...prawn

the kitchen

Mee Ketam

please choose your crabs

aquarium..the younglings has something to enjoy

price tags

Reservation for huge numbers?Don't worry

  • Location : Kg.Pengkalan Tambang, Permatang Pasir, Bukit Mertajam( Just opposite Prai river with Sg.Dua). Mudah je nak kesini.
  • Speciality: Mee Udang, Mee Ketam
  • Budget: as picture
  • Operation hour: lunch until mid night
  • Serving time: 15 min
  • parking : provided
  • entertaintment: TV
  • childseat: provided
  • toilet : provided
  • My good comment: so so
  • My bad comment: 2 crabs without mee, MYR 34?Complete Mee ketam Juru with 2 crabs is just MYR10!