Agoda Penang


D'Jelira Tanjung Lumpur

Looking for Pahang's best food ? Searching for the best Nasi Kerabu in Pahang specifically in Kuantan?
I've been told there is a famous warung for breakfast in Tanjung Lumpur.Their speciality is more to Nasi Kerabu.I'm not a fan of nasi Kerabu so I was not so excited.We arrived there about 8am and at the time the warung was still at preparation stage.The nasi kerabu was prepared somewhere else and but it served here. 
View from outside.The white HILUX just arrived to bring nasi kerabu

You will be given few options and the famous option is daging bakar + ayam bakar.

Budu and sambal belacan also offered.Even I'm not Kelantan,I love budu.
Ayam bakar
Spicy daging bakar.
Sorry.So tasty until I forgot to take pictures before I ate it
Nasi dagang also offered but not so popular here.

Location: Tanjung Lumpur(GPS:3.795144,103.334827)
Serving:Nasi Kerabu,Nasi Dagang,Roti Canai,Kuih2
Budget:8 Nasi Kerabu+4 pulut panggang+ 2 milo+2 teh tarik+2 kopi+ai suam=MYR50
Waiting time:10~15min(depend on que)
Operation time:8am~12pm
Capacity:100 person