Agoda Penang


Cendol Pulut Joe

  • Outside scene

  • Inside scene

  • Cendol Pulut

  • Cucur Udang
If you are going to Penang from north and plan to have a brief stop at Sungai Petani, may be you can stop at this Cendol Pulut Joe
  • Location: Sungai Petani,near Tesco Sungai Petani Utara
  • Serving: varieties of cendol, cucur,lauk for lunch
  • Speciality: Cendol Pulut & cucur udang
  • butget: cendol pulut-MYR2.40.
  • Operation hour: morning until mid night
  • capacity: 50 person
  • car park: MPSPK
  • toilet:provided
  • childseat: not seen
  • my good comment: Ok lah. For me cendol is still cendol.But I enjoyed.
  • Room for improvement: small place.crowded.
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