Agoda Penang


Street food Little India

Penang is a multicultural town with rich of people and cultures. This is a must go place in Penang and the street food is Wallaweiii...Ho Liao. Basically there are 2 stalls selling indian muslims food and located on the main street of Little India.(GPS:5.417178,100.339293)


I bought this. The taste is like Kuih Lidah Buaya which usually served during Malay Hari Raya.

Hot & Spicy Samosa

Line Clear Nasi kandar

Most of people heard this name before but how it look like? How to find it? I think this is more interesting part because you better believe that this famous restaurant is just a small street with roof on it.

Line is not clear...sometime long que

  • Location:Penang Road, Georgetown, Penang(GPS:5.419698,100.332415)
  • Serving:Nasi Kandar
  • Budget: ~
  • Operation:everyday
  • Capacity: 100 person
  • Parking: Paid parking provided
  • Childseat: no
  • Toilet:yes
  • Entertainment: Astro TV
  • Penang's famous mural

    Now Penang has latest attraction. I think some of you already saw a picture look as below. So how to find it?

    on the way looking for the famous mural

    this also famous

    Location: Lebuh Armenian(formerly known as Lebuh Yahudi)
    GPS: 5.415068,100.337843
    Fee: free
    Parking: Hard to find a free parking. Pay Parking is available at the end of Lebuh Armenian.

    Some of the mural is located in Lebuh Ah Quee which is 2~3 min walking distance. So enjoy!

    Kapitan, Georgetown, Penang


    We decided to go upstairs


    Tandoori in the making

    Tandoori briyani arrived


  • Location:Lebuh Chulia, Georgetown, Penang(GPS:5.4162,100.338475)
  • Serving:Indian cuisine. Specialist in Tandoori Chicken.
  • Budget: MYR8
  • Operation:everyday
  • Capacity : 100 person
  • Parking:not provided
  • Childseat:yes
  • Toilet:yes
  • Entertainment: Radio