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ABC Lumut Waterfront

Do you ever see a warship with your own eyes?How if you can sit infront of warship and enjoy an ABC(Air Batu Campur)?Nice isn't it? Our Royal Malaysian Navy(TLDM) has gift one of their warship to Perak government for tourist attraction in Lumut. Don't believe it? Here I share photos of my kids infront of the warship(KD Rahmat ) while waiting ABC to be served.

But what I want to share with you is the special ABC in Lumut.I have travel to many places but the ABC in Lumut is still the best for me. Furthermore with new attraction in Lumut as mentioned above, it gives you additional point why you should go to Lumut.

front view of Lumut waterfront

My favourite ABC

my favourite bihun kung fu

  • Location: Lumut Waterfront(your POI in GPS should have this location)
  • ABC price: MYR4
  • Operating hour: I'm didn't ask but its public property.Should open when you go.
  • Parking: provided
  • Toilet: provided
  • My good comment: Deserve to be one of the best food in Perak.a lot of ingredients, a lot of peanuts, a lot of......Other than that, here you can order the special bihun kung fu.My wife said the cook know how to make this Bihun Kung fu so special.I traveled far from Penang 2 times this month to Lumut for this ABC and Bihun Kung fu.Must try yourself.
  • My bad comment: mosquitoes at night