Agoda Penang


Mee Udang Lipan

For those who already bored with Mee Udang but still love prawn,lobster etc; you can try the very authentic Mee Udang Lipan.Weird isn't it?What is this?Here I attach the picture.

Location: Pantai Remis,Perak.(near Petronas) GPS: N 4 28.164, E 100 37.93
capacity: 30 person
Opening Hour: Morning to night
Serving: Mee Udang Lipan and others
Price of Mee Udang: MYR4
serving time: 10 min
parking: no
toilet: no
childseat: no
my good comment: Deserve to be one of the best food in Perak. Special and tasty.I hope this warong can grow.
my bad comment: flies.untidy.