Agoda Penang


DOLI kuey teow goreng

This time I would like to bring you outside from Penang.Not far and its just 70km from Penang.Perhaps this just another stopping point for you before or after your visit to Penang.

  • Location : Jalan Tupai,Taiping(Just about 1km from Taman tasik taiping.)(GPS:4.847289,100.744758)
  • Speciality: Kuey tiow
  • Budget: MYR4~9
  • Operation hour: lunch until mid night
  • Serving time: 1 hour
  • parking : provided
  • entertaintment: TV(always off)
  • childseat: provided
  • toilet : provided
  • My good comment: Deserve to be one of the best food in Perak.Good achievement for malay entrepreneur who starts from small stall.Now they have proper premise with air-cond.In tem of taste basically in Spore they call this Char Kuey Teow.
  •  My bad comment: Very long waiting time.5 minutes to be seated.15 minutes to take orders (with showing your anger).1 hour Air Kosong to arrive. 1 hour 10min for MYR4 Kuey tiow goreng to arrive.5min to eat the kuey tiow.
  • Additional comment:I've been told that the owner prepared the kueytiow by themselves for some reason. We believe secrecy is one of them.This makcik&pakcik sacrificed a lot until many people knows "DOLI".The name is already there and makcik&pakcik should go to another step.This is the step where Kolonel Sanders took to make his KFC goes to all over the world with his secret recipe.Yet the recipe remain secret.By doing this DOLI can solve their main problem which is serving time and most important,they can grow.
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