Agoda Penang


Kari Corner(Kerang Besar)

Cari makanan best kat Penang?

  • Location : Permatang Keling,Nibong Tebal.(GPS:5.134159,100.470572.About 300m from Penang-perak border)
  • Speciality: Curry,ikan bakar,seafood
  • Budget: as picture
  • Operation hour: lunch and dinner
  • Serving time: Self-service
  • parking : provided
  • entertaintment: TV
  • childseat: provided
  • toilet : provided
  • My good comment: This restaurant offers a big size kerang,lala and etc.See my picture above where I put petai and kerang side by side.Owner told me that the kerang is a special order from Indonesia. If you love kerang,better come here and try!Good kampung environment too!
  • My bad comment: Better if all foods ready before 11am.