Agoda Penang


Mee Udang Mak Teh,Kuala Sepetang

Looking for Perak's best food ? Searching for the best Mee Udang in Perak specifically in Taping area?

Location : Kuala Sepetang(GPS:4.840725,100.648391) near charcoal factory
Speciality: Mee Udang Banjir
Budget: MYR6~12
Operation hour: noon until mid night
Serving time: Mee Udang 5 min,Nasi Goreng:25 min
parking : Road side
Entertaintment: no
childseat: provided
toilet : provided
My good comment: Deserve to be one of the best food in Perak
My bad comment: I ordered MYR10 nasi goreng too.Does it look like MYR10 nasi goreng to you?Where is vegetable?