Agoda Penang


Lemon Restaurant,Krabi

Cari makanan best kat Krabi, Thailand?
Bila malam tiba,kami pun keluar mencari makan.Akhirnya kami decide utk pergi ke Ao Nang sekali lagi dan restoran pilihan kami kali ni ialah Lemon Restaurant.

Location : Near Vogue Superstore,Ao Nang(GPS:8.033043,98.826849)
Speciality: Thai food
Budget: MYR20 above
Operation hour: morning until mid night
Serving time: 15 min(if crowded)
Capacity:100 person
Parking : not provided
Entertaintment: No
Shildseat:Couldn't find
toilet : provided
Credit card payment:Forgot to ask.But no VISA & Mastercard sign shows

Basically we order the thing we can find in Malaysia.We spent THB850 in total.
Good comment:The food is good.The waitress also can speak Malay very well.According to her,her grandparents were from Penang.Its true because many of northern people migrates to Thai during Japanese invasion.Many of these people migrates until Phuket.

My bad comment:Nothing so far.