Agoda Penang


Apam balik Pekan

Looking for Pahang's best food ? Searching for the best Apam Balik in Pahang? May be this is the best apam balik in Malaysia.
My friend brought me to this legendary stall after we had Friday prayer.Why legendary?Pak Awang started this business since 1964 and with his strenght, Awang Apam balik is still exist until now.His customer also comes from many background even from royal families.

Location: Jalan Sultan Ahmad(GPS:3.491125,103.396143) near petrol station
Serving: Apam Balik
Budget:Biasa MYR1.50 ; Special MYR2.50
Waiting time:5min(depend on que)
Operation time:6:30am~4:30pm
Toilet: no
My good comment: Deserve to be one of the best food in Pahang.The best apam balik I had so far.Price...berbaloi.One of the best product in Pekan.
My bad comment: no.

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