Agoda Penang


Teluk Cempedak, Kuantan

Quite a long time I ever been to Teluk Cempedak. As I rememeber my last visit there was about 3 years ago. I hate to go there because of the traffic. Its a tourist spot and its always jammed during weekends. Since I have nothing to do, so I went there during hot mid day to avoid heavy traffic. I am lucky as my plan goes as it is and easily found a parking in front of 5 star hotel. From there I walk and amazed with a lot of changes happen since my last visit. Its a totally different from last 3 years.

The nasi lemak looks tasty


New Burger King



I think its a bit expensive then usual

But the view is nice

View from KFC

New 7-11

New Starbucks

Wifi is available here but slow

Still a lot of people during mid day

Portraits for selling

Buskers out there!!!...please come here

Way to other side of beach

Beware of monkeys here

View of main beach from different angle

View of other beach...a bit nicer

Thanks Black(drummer) for series of jamming session with me. Pushed him to play Metallica...heheh

Beach Library....creative

This is the founder of beach library....such a noble person

So come here and relax yourself!!