Agoda Penang


Jambatan Kedua Pulau Pinang

The next day after official opening from Malaysian Prime Minister, myself and family plan to explore the new Penang Second Bridge. How its look like? So I would like to share this info and photo here. We departed from our home towards tol Juru. The weather is not good that day because of heavy haze.

  After 8km from tol Juru there is exit to the new bridge. The curve is quite big and interesting. I bet motocyclist like this curve.
 I though the bridge is very near to the exit same as the old bridge but I was wrong. It takes another few kilometer to go.

  Then finally we arrive to the new tol plaza. I think I saw the same structure when I was in China...perhaps along the was from Shanghai tu Suzhou.

  Need to pay MYR1.40 toll from Juru. Bridge is free for 1 month( Mar 2014)

 After another few kilometer(again) then finally we arrive to the bridge.

 The traffic was horrible because a lot of people came to experience the bridge thenselves just like us.
 Now Motorcyclist have their own lane which is safer than the old bridge.
 Finally we arrive the peak of the bridge. Many motorcyclist take this opportunity to relax and enjoy the view.

bayan Lepas from the peak

Traffic jam towards industrial area and Jusco Queensbay Mall.

Exit to Damar laut

After the opening ceremony