Agoda Penang


Cendol Sedap: Cendol Maklom, Butterworth

Cari makanan best kat Penang? Looking for cendol in Penang?
I heard from my friends that Maklom's cendols is superb and nobody can challenge this one. So I went there to check.
Its just a small stall but when you come at the wrong time,you will end up with long queue.If anybody has tried this and know there a better cendol in Penang,please let me know.

  • Location: Simpang 3 Maklom,Butterworth( GPS : 5 27.051   E 100 24.119). Mudah je nak kesini.
  • Speciality: Cendol...also serving ABC.
  • Operation hours: 11am to 7pm
  • Budget : MYR 1.70 & MYR2 for take away
  • Serving time: about 3 minutes
  • Parking; not provided
  • Childseat : not provided
  • Toilet : not provided
  • Entertainment : radio from nearby stalls
  • My good comment: Deserve to be one of the best food Penang.The best cendol I had so far...worth try.
  • Room for improvement: I hope this stall could have a proper premise in future.