Agoda Penang


Pasembor Padang Kota Lama

To be frank my wife taste is a different from me. I've been raised in different states and countries and tried a varieties of food. But not for her which were born and solely raised in Kuantan. So mamak's food, pasembur and other things is not match with her. May be the mamak's restaurant she tried had a horrible taste and traumatized her until today.Only this time I managed to convince her to try Pasembor Padang Kota Lama....after almost 10 years we settled down in Penang.
Parking is available and its depend on time. If you arrive at peak time"4pm~7pm" most probably you will find its hard to find a parking.

 We came at 2:30pm and the place is quite empty. Most of people want to seat near to the sea including me so we can hear the wave sound.

 There are a lot of stalls selling passembor and I chose Hussain this time because its the nearest to my seat. 1 chose 2 cucur udang, 1 crab, 1 potato,1 tauhu and 1 dried tauhu then I passed to for the next process.

 They will add sengkuang, cucumber and kuah later on top. All of this cost us MYR22.

 Ameer don't want to eat it after seeing and eerie face of his mother eating pasembur. So we ordered nasi goreng kampung for Ameer & Areef. It cost us MYR5 but the portion is quite big and we can divide it to two.