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China Muslim Restaurant, Bayan baru

Looking for chinese muslim food in Penang?
I went to Shanghai once and had a dinner in one of muslim restaurant there. The restaurant origins is from Urumqi and its quite famous there because of the taste. You need to wait may be an hour just to be seated. The taste was great especially the dishes related to beef and lamb. I had a dream about opening a China Muslim Restaurant in Penang and during I make my savings(not even 1%...hehehe) for the business then I heard about this new born restaurant.

  • Location: 5.324781, 100.284107
  • Near : Back of Hotel Seri Malaysia, Bayan Baru
  • Serving: Yinchuan Province, China food
  • Budget: As picture
  • Operation:As picture
  • Capacity: about 100 person
  • Parking: provided
  • Childseat: yes
  • Surau: provided
  • Toilet: yes
  • My good comment: Reasonable price, delicious and definitely I would come again with bigger group.

Yinchuan is part of silk road. A part of silkroad, its also can be considered as a mix culture, spices and etc from Arab & Chinese.

 So don't you wanna try?

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