Agoda Penang


Relaxing evening in front Pulau Jerejak & Penang Bridge

Nak cari makanan best kat Penang?Here is my recomendation.

I always come to this place after shopping at Queensbay Mall.There are a lot of stalls and you can choose any you like.
  • Location : Opposite Pulau Jerejak,Batu Uban.GPS:5.346258,100.312557
  • Speciality: ABC,Laksa,Rojak buah,Bihun sup,keropok
  • Budget: MYR2~4
  • Operation hour: lunch until mid night
  • Serving time: 5 min
  • parking : side parking
  • entertaintment: nice view of beach,Pulau Jerejak and Jambatan Pulau Pinang
  • childseat: not provided
  • toilet : not provided
  • My good comment: just for relaxing
  • My bad comment: In term of food, there are other place better. But here the scenery is great. 
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